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Is a beautiful outdoor space where you can enjoy long summer evenings something you always wanted? With plenty of fragrant plants and flowers? A garden that is still great to look at in autumn? Where spring can be enjoyed though all the budding green? In short, do you need help to create a green and sustainable outdoor space that encompasses all your wishes and where you can relax? I can help you realize all that and more.

Climate proof garden

Climate change is becoming more visible every day. Summers are hotter and dryer while at the same time rain showers are getting more intense. How do you incorporate this in a garden design? Having to water the garden all summer long is a waste of time and water. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy your garden?

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Garden design methodology

  • 1

    Become acquainted

    In an introductory meeting, without obligation I will ask you various of questions. Who will use the garden? How much maintenance are you willing to perform? What are your preferences? What kind of plants do you like? What type of garden do you fancy? And what is your budget (approximately)?

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    Based on the answers to the questions in step 1 I will create a quotation which will address your wishes and needs.

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    When you agree with the quotation, I will make a further analysis of your garden. Amon other things this is determine where the sun is shining at which moment in your garden. From which direction is the wind most often coming. What are the natural walking paths in the garden and what is the relationship of the garden with the surrounding landscape. In addition I will look which existing plants and materials can be reused. I wil measure the garden as well.

  • 4

    Sketch plan

    Based on your wishes and the analysis will draft a sketch plan. There will be multiple options to choose from. Additionally I will provide you with an impression of the garden and a first proposal of the planting to be used.

  • 5

    Planting design

    Together we will come to a final design for your garden. And finally I will create an extensive planting plan that lists all plants and flowers to be used and how they can be easily ordered. The planting plan also gives an indication on how to maintain the garden.

Garden Advice

Are you not entirely happy with your garden and do you have the feeling something is missing? I can help you with that as well. During a one time advisory meeting we will walk through your garden and I can give you on the spot advice regarding the design of your garden. I can make a sketch for you as well. Usually this takes about an hour. The costs involved are € 95.- including VAT.

If you live outside the Amsterdam region, there will be an additional travel cost incurred of € 0.60 per km. Should you decide to order a complete sketch plan, I will naturally deduct all charges from the design quotation.

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