Future-proof landscape

Landscape is what we see around us, our everyday environment. The feelings you experience in a landscape can be different for everyone, because you look through your own coloured glasses and therefore have your own perspective on the landscape.

I make plans for the development of the future landscape. Taking into account the wishes of the users and matching the cultural-historical values of the area. These can be landscapes in the rural area or in the city.

Quality of green

Due to the current construction task and the densification of cities and villages, green areas are coming under increasing pressure. Quality of the green is becoming more important. I make plans for converting uniform and dull plant gardens into more valuable green areas that the residents really benefit from. I prefer to design their neighborhood together with the residents. The essence of the location (or the genius loci) is the starting point. To realize a future-proof place where planting is chosen and applied in such a way that also contributes to sustainability and biodiversity.

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